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CLG Employer Resources doesn’t only serve employers, we also cater to individuals. We aim to provide superior service at an affordable cost to all of our clients. We offer individual medical, dental, life insurance, disability, and medical supplement plans. Click below to learn more about our individual plans.

Scott Sorensen | Customer Service Specialist – I have been working at CLG Employer Resources for 16 years handling COBRA Administration for many different companies while also assisting individuals and families in navigating their personal health insurance options.  I have found that most people offered COBRA coverage need assistance in comparing coverage, costs, and understanding their rights when it comes to COBRA and the different windows of eligibility.  The Affordable Care Act has further complicated the process creating even more need for an agent like me that can help people cut through all of the acronyms, rules of eligibility, and different coverage options available.  I strive to help the individual or family make the most logical decisions with respect to their healthcare needs & budget.  In addition to COBRA Administration and selling individual & family plans I also assist Medicare Beneficiaries with their healthcare needs when they age-in to Medicare or leave employer-based plans.

Please contact Scott for a quote.

Need help setting up your Washington Health Plan Finder account? Our step-by-step video explains the process!

Beginning October 1, 2017, we will be implementing an annual consultation fee of $150 per person / $300 per family for individual health insurance assistance.

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