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COBRA Administration

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) gives workers and their families the right to receive continued group health benefits for limited periods of time under specific circumstances such as job loss, reduction in hours worked, transition between jobs, death, divorce and other life events.

We’re experts at COBRA administration, keeping you up to date on notifications, eligibility and other complex requirements. We take the burden off your business, assuring that you always stay within COBRA compliance.

Read more about the full coverage at: DOL Cobra Health Coverage

COBRA Compliance

Services Provided

  • Notify all current employees and dependents of their COBRA rights.
  • Notify all new employees and dependents of their COBRA rights within 90-days of their commencement on the group health plan.
  • Deliver Qualifying Event (QE) Notices to all Qualified Beneficiaries (QBs) in the time frames set forth by COBRA law, via first class mail and certificate of mailing, to the Qualified Beneficiaries’ last known address.
  • Remove QBs from coverage with the carrier after a QE, and follow up to confirm the termination.
  • Reinstate QBs with coverage when they elect COBRA, and notify employer of the election.
  • Track and collect monthly premiums from all COBRA participants and forward them to employer on a monthly basis (CLG retains 2% admin fee).
  • Notify all COBRA participants of their open enrollment rights.
  • Notify all COBRA participants of benefit and rate changes that result from the annual health plan renewal.
  • Notify all COBRA participants of their maximum continuation date.
  • Notify all COBRA participants of the early termination of their COBRA coverage for the various reasons set forth by COBRA law (i.e. non-payment of premiums).
  • Notify QBs of ineligibility for COBRA coverage…..indicate why? (i.e. gross misconduct, or no QE = voluntary termination).

COBRA Compliance

“I have worked with CLG since I started with Wavelink Corporation five years ago. I have been completely impressed by the level of service and expertise they bring to COBRA administration. I have used other larger COBRA administrators in the past and it was a train wreck. I began to wonder if they were all that painful to work with. Then I had the pleasure of working with Scott. I would recommend CLG to anyone and fully plan to use them at the next company I am with. Thank you for being the expert I need in COBRA administration!”

- Veronica

“We have been using Scott Sorensen as our COBRA Administrator for several years. Scott has been more than helpful, going the extra mile to make sure we comply with all the complex COBRA requirements. His attention to our account is so thorough that when we had an opportunity to have free COBRA administration with our insurance carrier, we choose to continue with Scott. His services are invaluable to us.”

- Pam

“CLG has been providing our COBRA administration for years. It’s important to stay up to date and current with the complexities of COBRA notifications and by outsourcing our COBRA administration to CLG we are assured we are within compliance. The website is easy to use and efficient, staff response time and customer service is top notch!”

- Janine